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Bob’s Painting’s Story:

Bob’s Painting was started in Albuquerque in 1983 by Bob Herman, founder and owner of Bob’s Painting. Early on, Bob’s desire was to develop a professional company with Bob’s Painting changing the public’s perception and image of the painting industry. Bob found and hired the very best painters he could and before long built a company on the value of its team of employees. Bob’s Painting has kept and maintained the very best work force by providing a great list of benefits and hiring the right people. Today you can see a Bob’s Painting sign on every job. Company vans that are fully stocked to accomplish every type of job are on the roads of NM everyday.

Bob’s early vision of a unique company has arrived.

P.S. I continue to strive for excellence in my company and people by doing what I truly love to do “paint.”

Bob Herman
Bob Herman, owner of Bob's Painting in Albuquerque NM

Office Staff and Management Team:

Bob Herman - President of Bob’s Painting. Works within the business daily to bring support to the painters, estimators and the office staff.

Mike Martinez - Sales/Estimating. Sales estimating for interior and exterior residential and select commercial customers. Mike has been in the painting business for more then 25 years. Mike brings a sense of confidence and trust into the painting services he provides.

Mike Martinez -

Elise - Office Manager.

Dan O’Neill - Sales/Estimating. Sales estimating for residential, commercial, industrial and office properties for all of Santa Fe, Northern NM and the East Mountains. Dan is also an experienced painter with more then 10 years at Bob’s Painting.

Dan O'Neill -

Chris Herman - Sales/Estimating. Sales estimator for commercial, industrial and office properties. Chris has been around the painting business his whole life. He brings his on the job experience into his precise estimating.

Chris Herman -

Stacey - Office Assistant.

Commercial and Industrial Painting in Albuquerque NM

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