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Doors and Frames

At your office, or in the home, when doors and frames start to show the wear and tear of everyday use, Bob's Painting can fix the problem for you. If you notice chipping near the door hinges, or where you open and close the doors each day, or if you notice that the paint is starting to come up around the window frames, you have to address these problems as soon as possible; not only for the aesthetic appeal, but also to save on the cost of repair, since it is going to be much more expensive if you allow the problem to progress and get worse.

When you call Bob's Painting, our highly trained team will do everything possible to get your doors, frames, and paint looking brand new again. From sanding down the surface to even it out, to adding a high quality primer, to ensure no future damage or chipping, to applying the highest quality coat of paint to the doors and frames, you will get it all. When quality material is used, and when a professional team is doing the job for you, you are going to get the best finish when we are done fixing, repairing, and giving your doors and frames a brand new look.

Doors and frames are some places that the paint is going to wear thin, due to the fact that there is so much use, and because the doors and frames are being used on a daily basis. So, whether it is at your business, or whether you decide that you need a touch up at home, you can rely on Bob's Painting to give you a great finish and a brand new look.


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